The world class Bay Island Brewery officially opened its doors to the public with a private beer tasting party. The brewery produces two kinds of natural beer, BAY ISLANDS PILSNER and BAY ISLANDS ALE. The brewery is also producing natural liquor called ROATAN PLUM (slivovitz). It is liquor made from the hog plum tree gathered from Roatan Island.

Jiri Maska (president and founder) along with a group of three young people from the Czech Republic built the brewery between Jonesville, Punta Gorda and Oak Ridge area. The three-year building project was finally completed with a beautiful building in the style of a middle century fortress, which houses state-of-art brewing technology. The brewery was built accordant to centuries old processes and the product is the natural beer acquiescent with 600 years-old recipes.

Bay Islands Brewery uses carefully selected and sorted brewer's malt and hops as well as beer yeast. Both brewer's malt and hops are imported from the Bohemia area located in the Czech Republic, the country with world-class beer and centuries old beer brewing tradition. Water used for making the beer is drawn from an artesian well drilled to a depth of 330 feet right on the property.

The important feature of the beer is that it is produced exclusively from natural raw materials. Neither chemicals nor stabilizers are used and the beer is not pasteurized. This natural method of beer production guarantees all ingredients for the beer are present as prescribed by the ancient recipes. In reality, this means that all ingredients are 100% natural and no substitutions are allowed. Notably no brewing procedure is omitted or sidestepped. Nowadays, such natural beer is obtainable only in few small breweries throughout the world. Most of the commercial breweries have adopted and began to apply mass production methods that hardly have anything in common with true, genuine beer production. Large-scale beer producers also use chemical solutions simulating hops and malt flavor! Moreover, they use drastic sterile filtration, which means that this kind of so-called "BEER" may be virtually cheated of 60-70% of the substances that make it a true genuine product.

The Bay Islands beers, thanks to the contents of beer yeast, hops, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, have a positive influence on human body. Natural beer counteracts some dermatological diseases, releases tension in articular joints, as well as in muscles. It decreases blood pressure and primary it has a very positive influence on the digestive system by significantly contributing not only to the elimination of digestive troubles, but also preventing these troubles. It should be mentioned that natural beer cleans kidneys and urethra. Czech scientists have found that moderate beer drinking has curative power for women. It contains phyto-estrogens, which are substances similar to hormone estrogen.

Even in the "olden days" women used beer foam for cleaning their complexions. An old brew masters tale dating from the dark medieval ages of 16 century, says that if a woman uses natural beer to massage her body, by the next full luna, her bosom shall enlarge and become full and sweetly beautiful. The Egyptians had a beer goddess named Menket. The old Sumerians, who are believed to have invented beer, claimed positive beer effects 5000 years ago. So just have a sip of this God's brew and you shall soon understand!

The brewery is a definite must-see. You will be a welcome guest whether you are coming just sit-down and taste the beer and/or slivovitz or to take part in an excursion throughout the brewery with a qualified explanation of the whole beer production process. We are convinced that you will have a never-to-be-forgotten experience!